INCOSE San Diego March 2017 Newsletter
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INCOSE San Diego March 2017 Newsletter
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INCOSE San Diego

March 2017 Newsletter

From the President

Welcome San Diego Chapter Members to our First Newsletter of 2017

Check out our new logo! We are debuting it with this newsletter. We are also using a new email server to get this to you, and are debuting our new website under a new provider. All in an attempt to communicate better with each of you. We think they are big improvements, but you are the real judges, so please let us know what you think.
Our chapter exists to serve our systems engineering community, helping to infuse sound systems engineering principles into the community, sharing information and processes with the community, enabling the next generation of systems engineers, and providing the opportunity for our members to network with other SEs and learn what local companies are doing relative to system engineering.
To that end, one of our chapter’s primary services to our local community is supporting the STEM program in our local schools; we concentrate on the elementary and middle school levels, to catch them in their most formative years. We aim to continue that this year, although what form our recognition night, lately held on the Midway, will take we do not yet know. Suggestions are welcome!
As we mentioned in the last newsletter, our perhaps longest-serving local member, and a mentor to many of us, Jeff Grady, passed away. We are establishing the Jeff Grady Annual Service Award in his honor this year. More on that in a coming newsletter.
The board is committed to finding high-profile, powerful speakers for our dinner meetings, tutorial, and mini-conference this year, and in engaging better with our north-coast members. Our June dinner meeting will be hosted at ViaSat in Carlsbad and remoted to Filippi’s in Kearny Mesa. Come join us at either location. You will find information about the April meeting and the May tutorial elsewhere in this newsletter.
Evolution in Action: I have been thinking about a theme for 2017 for our local chapter and this column. And what keeps knocking at my brain is the age-old argument of top-down versus bottom-up development. Because I think neither are the best answer! I advocate for outside-in. Because no matter how well you design and implement your system, if it does not work with the rest of the world, it isn’t worth much. What good a fancy power amp for your home entertainment system if it won’t connect to your fancier speakers? Or it connects but blows them out immediately? Or you have to open them up and hardwire the interconnect cables to internal junctions?
Working as the Global Hawk Interoperability lead for Northrop Grumman the past decade has cemented this notion in my head: Get the interfaces defined and working, then you can pick the best internal system design to drive them. This is all a part of “Big Systems Engineering”. Or, to steal a phrase from Niven & Pournelle’s Oath of Fealty, just think of it as evolution in action. More on what I mean by this in coming newsletters.
One last note: We are always looking for members to help out with our local chapter events, our STEM program initiatives, or to serve on our local board. If you are able, willing, and enthusiastic about serving your local INCOSE chapter this year, I would love to talk to you about the opportunities.
Hope to see you at our April dinner meeting.

- Richard Bryson

Systems Engineering: Do it right; do it once.

INCOSE SD Board of Director Change

We are proud to announce the addition of Mr. Jack Turner to the Board of Directors as VP of Chapter Development!

Mr. Jack Turner is founding partner of Xsite LLC. He graduated from Boston University with a Bachelors degree in Aerospace Engineering in 1987. Upon graduation, Mr. Turner was commissioned in the US Navy. He flew with helicopter squadron HSL-47 and retired from the Naval Reserve Space and Naval Warfare Unit 0466 in 2008 where as a member of the space cadre he conducted satellite launch and early orbit operations. After leaving the active duty Navy he worked a number of terminal and satellite programs, including IMARSAT and the military utilization of Iridium, and earned a MBA with a focus on Technology Management. Mr. Turner worked at MAXIM systems and Accenture Federal systems for over 16 years where he was a principle engineer, program manager and the Lead Area Director for the San Diego Region. His most recent delivery rolls have been in support of the PEO Space Systems and the Mobile User Objective System Technical director, working on advanced communications concepts and Space Craft Launch Readiness and Anomaly Independent Review Teams. He is currently working terminal integration, MUOS End to End test, and operational transition of MUOS. Mr. Turner has over 26 years of military and 14 years of specific space experience. With in AFCEA Mr. Turner is leading the C4ISR Symposium and is a member of the SD Chapter Executive Committee.

We'd also like to thank and congratulate Mr. Ted Mulder for his election as President Elect for 2017.

New San Diego Chapter Website

The new INCOSE San Diego website has arrived, created using the ever-popular WordPress development framework. This new website will allow us to make more-timely announcements, host a blog or two, display events on calendars, and provide you with a faster, snazzier and hopefully better user experience (but you be the judge). And as you may have already noticed, we have updated our email system for better reliability, presentation, and RSVP capability.

Because the website is new, we will be making improvements during the next couple months, but please feel free to comment on it at any time. Current INCOSE San Diego chapter members will also have the ability to log in and comment on website announcements - to request a login account, email us at Thank you, and please check out!

Upcoming Events

  • INCOSE San Diego Chapter Meeting, April 19, 2017
    • 5G; A wireless technology for the humans and the machines
  • INCOSE San Diego Tutorial, May 13th, 2017
    • System Engineering for Data Science: End-to-End Practices to Gain Business Decision Insights for Mission Objectives
  • AFCEA San Diego , April 26th-27th, 2017
    • C4ISR Symposium -Unleashing Digital Transformation - What Challenges and Opportunities lie ahead

Some Light Reading...

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The Systems Engineer: Unsung Hero of Product & Systems Development? - IBM developerWOrks Blog

New Members

INCOSE San Diego is pleased to announce the addition of 15 new members to our chapter since January 2017. Please welcome the following individuals to INCOSE:
  • Katherine Beauvais
  • Matthew Friedman
  • Daniel Shumate
  • Kevin Lee
  • Patrick Brownrigg
  • Jerry Ricario
  • Kimberly Pacheco-Timmerman
  • Jonathan Luong
  • Henry Lee
  • David Giordan
  • Nancy Canyon
  • Erik Eisen
  • Reza Paiam
  • David Shin
  • Jack Turner

We hope to meet each of you at the many upcoming INCOSE events!

Did you know…?
INCOSE San Diego is now accepting articles from members for presentation in the quarterly newsletter. Each newsletter will present one article, with the goal being to provide deeper understanding of specific S.E. topics for our readers. To apply to have your topic in the newsletter, please submit your
proposed article (one page in length or less) to both the Chapter President and the VP of Administration. Thank you.

2017 INCOSE San Diego Board Contacts

Questions or suggestions? Please feel free to contact any of the 2016 board members at the following email addresses:

Richard Bryson, President

Ted Mulder, President-Elect

Ray Madachy, Past President

Abbas Rostami, Treasurer

Jack Turner, Ch. Development

James Meng, VP of Tech Development

Mark Halverson, Secretary

Andy von Stauffenberg, VP of Admin & Newsletter

Jim Gottfried, 2-year Director

Mojgan Demore, 1-year Director

Greg Bulla, Website
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