May 12, 2016


What is INCOSE?

The International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) is a not-for-profit membership organization founded to develop and disseminate the interdisciplinary principles and practices that enable the realization of successful systems.

About INCOSE San Diego

INCOSE San Diego is a chapter of the Region II geographical division of INCOSE. With approximately 220 members representing industries including aerospace, defense, transportation, medical devices, and telecommunications, INCOSE San Diego provides a focal point for local professionals to foster the definition, understanding, and practice of world-class systems engineering in support of the overall mission of INCOSE. We provide members the opportunity to network with other system engineers and learn from their contemporaries about practical applications of systems engineering. We encourage people from all disciplines involved with systems development to join our INCOSE chapter and participate in our local activities. It is our goal to provide career enhancement education and awareness related to systems engineering for our members. The San Diego chapter is Platinum-rated (six years running), the highest possible rating, and was the 2018 and the 2023 recipient of INCOSE President’s Award for Outstanding Chapter.

Message From The President!


Dear Members and Friends,

I’m very happy to be a member of a club that has achieved the Platinum level of accomplishment (the highest level) every year since I have been a member.

The world is changing dramatically. Systems Engineers will need to be aware of even more technologies and disciplines in the future. They will need to learn about new developments as they happen in order to be effective in helping create systems for the future. This will require stretching their scope of expertise, which also might not be easy, but will be necessary.

Systems Engineering is expanding due to both new technologies and also more domains that require it due to increased complexity and more of a multidisciplinary approach in those domains. Technologies that are coming online include many types of AI, especially Generative AI, Quantum Computing, Edge Computing, Smart Devices and IOT, Big Data Engineering & Data Analytics, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality & Digital Twin, Advances in Robotics, plus dramatic improvements in Cybersecurity. Our club has programs that address these new technologies and help Systems Engineers start preparing for taking them into account.

Initially, Systems Engineering applied to space systems and defense projects mostly. However, many other industries have started to see the value of SE due to its interdisciplinary approach that System Engineering is all about. INCOSE’s Vision 2035 mentions a number of new domains that will take advantage of Systems Engineering a lot more in the future.

“Who is San Diego INCOSE?” We are a service organization. We donate money for STEM projects for children. We provide educational programs for Systems Engineers. We participate in pioneering working groups. We host an annual conference. We offer tutorials and monthly programs. We also provide support for other INCOSE conferences such as the annual regional conference. We support college students and have special programs at reduced rates for them. We have corporate membership programs. We support the local engineering community (SDCEC), and often have joint programs with other professional organizations like INCOSE. We do a lot of good for the community – all done by volunteers. Our mission is to help you advance your career and promote the advancement of the Systems Approach and Systems Engineering. We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event.

Thank you.

Dr. Julia Taylor

President, INCOSE San Diego

Chapter Awards

  • President’s Award for Outstanding Chapter 2023
  • Platinum Chapter Circle Award for 2023 (6th year in a row)
  • Platinum Chapter Circle Award for 2022 (5th year in a row)
  • Platinum Chapter Circle Award for 2021 (4th year in a row)
  • Platinum Chapter Circle Award for 2020 (3rd year in a row)
  • Platinum Chapter Circle Award for 2019 (2nd year in a row)
  • Platinum Chapter Circle Award for 2018
  • President’s Award for Outstanding Chapter 2018
  • Top Gold Award for 2015
  • INCOSE San Diego Chapter has been the recipient of a Circle Award for eleven years (2001 – 2011)


Our Chapter Bylaws are available by clicking here.