December 21, 2020

SEP Resources

INCOSE San Diego Systems Engineering Professional (SEP) Resources


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What is INCOSE SEP Certification?

Certification is a formal process whereby a community of knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled representatives of an organization, such as INCOSE, provides confirmation of an individual’s competency (demonstrated knowledge, education, and experience) in a specified profession. Certification differs from licensing in that licenses are permissions granted by a government entity for a person to practice within its regulatory boundaries. Certification also differs from a “certificate” that documents the successful completion of a training or education program.

The International Council on Systems Engineering has established a multi-level Professional SEP Certification Program to provide a formal method for recognizing the knowledge and experience of systems engineers, regardless of where they may be in their career.

What are the SEP Certification Levels?

INCOSE has three certification levels:

Associate Systems Engineering Professional (ASEP) – If you have just started practicing – or want to start practicing – systems engineering, then ASEP is for you. This certification is for people at the beginning of their career as a systems engineer. The ASEP has “book knowledge” but not yet significant experience as a systems engineer.

Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP) – If you are a practicing Systems Engineer with more than five years of systems engineering professional work experience, then CSEP is for you.

Expert Systems Engineering Professional (ESEP) – If you are a systems engineering leader with recognized systems accomplishments and have at least 20 years of systems engineering professional work experience, then ESEP is for you.

Need Help Preparing for the Test?

The San Diego chapter can help!   We offer SEP test training workshops, cohort sessions, and mentoring, and also periodically offer a paper SEP test at no or little cost to you.  Please email us for availability at: