September 27, 2019


Welcome to INCOSE San Diego’s Video Library

San Diego INCOSE is pleased to provide videos of our hosted events!


    • Dept of Navy Zero Trust (ZT) OverviewMr. David Voelker of the Naval Information Warfare Center (NAVWAR) provides an overview of the design and implementation of Zero Trust within the Department of the Navy. Zero Trust is an approach to the strategy, design and implementation of information technology system security. April 2024.
    • Envisioning the Future of SE: An Overview of Vision 2035Ms. Caitlyn Singam provide an overview of the future of systems engineering through the lens of INCOSE’s Vision 2035, with an eye towards how emerging trends and evolving strategic priorities in systems engineering competencies will potentially affect the landscape of the systems engineering community in the years to come. March 2024.
    • Telling Stories WellBarclay Brown, PhD, and Honor Lind present on the value of systems engineers being able to communicate to be effective. July 2023.
    • World’s Quest for Fusion PowerNikolai Norausky, P.E, provides a brief tour through fusion energy and the status of International Thermonuclear Expansion Reactor (ITER), the world’s largest science experiment, with a focus on the engineering and manufacturing of the ITER Central Solenoid (CS) magnet modules.. May 2023.
    • The Trade-off StudyDr. Greg Parnell, Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Arkansas, presents on the typical mistakes of omission (leaving out) and commission (doing incorrectly) when systems engineers conduct Trade Studies. June 2022.
    • Lessons Learned as a Systems EngineerMr. Richard Bryson, Sr. Staff Engineer Systems Architect at Northrop-Grumman and INCOSE San Diego board officer, presents a smattering of lessons learned over forty-plus years in software and systems engineering and management. April 2022.
    • Standard Promulgation Using MBSE ToolsMr. Ralph Hill, ASME, presents on a unique application of Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) tools to promulgate an American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) standard. 25 August 2021.
    • Systems Engineering 2.0 Dr. Jon Wade, Jacobs School of Engineering University of California, San Diego. April 28, 2021.