June 14, 2016


To join INCOSE and the San Diego Chapter, go to the INCOSE web site at www.incose.org and select Join.

Regular Membership dues are currently $175 per year (depending on term), Senior Membership dues are $100 per year, and students (at least 3/4 time) are $50 per year.  INCOSE international membership makes you eligible for membership in the San Diego Chapter at no additional cost (you will be asked to choose a chapter when joining; select San Diego).



INCOSE was created to:

  1. Foster the definition, understanding and practice of world-class Systems Engineering in industry, academia and government.
  2. Provide a focal point for dissemination of Systems Engineering knowledge.
  3. Promote collaboration in Systems Engineering education and research.
  4. Assure the existence of professional standards for integrity in the practice of Systems Engineering.

The Need:

If you are involved in developing systems, or integrating system elements, you need to know the systems engineering processes.  Systems engineering is increasingly important for development of today’s products.  You may not be classified as a systems engineer per se, but this discipline may have much to offer you professionally.

INCOSE is an international organization formed to develop, nurture, and enhance multi-disciplinary system development under the title of Systems Engineering.

INCOSE can help you be a leader in your company by applying “Systems” Engineering in solving your company’s problems.

Benefits of INCOSE Membership:

  • Seminars on Systems Engineering practices
  • Approximately 50 Working Groups addressing specific areas of SE (e.g., MBSE, Agile, Architecture, etc.)
  • Technical symposiums and papers
  • Information on Systems Engineering standards and tools
  • Networking with local Systems Engineers, as well as over 20,000 Systems Engineers in 40 countries
  • Access to many INCOSE publications and training courses
  • SE community Yammer site
  • Access to shared MBSE licenses for INCOSE work and experimentation (in development)
  • Microsoft Teams and incose.net email (currently for INCOSE leadership volunteers only)
  • Individual SE certification via INCOSE (see this website for full details. Requires certification exam)