February 26, 2020

Systems Engineering News and Links

Are Radioactive Diamond Batteries the Solution to Nuclear Waste? – Aug 2021

These batteries are made from nuclear waste and could last thousands of years.

Metallic Glass Gears Up for ‘Cobots,’ Coatings, and More – July 2021

Bulk metallic glass could slash prices of collaborative robots and lead to advanced 3D printed metals.

Wanted: Millions of cybersecurity pros. Salary: Whatever you want – May 2021

Experts have been tracking the cybersecurity labor shortage for at least a decade — and now, a new surge in companies looking to hire following recent attacks could exacerbate the problem. The stakes are only growing, as technology evolves and bad actors become more advanced.

Fusion: Ten Times More Expensive Than Nuclear Power – May 2021

Is there no hope for attractive fusion power? The answer is yes, because there are a number of other fusion fuel cycles that could be economically and environmentally attractive. We will not know if one of these fuel cycles could prove viable unless we try.

“Nuclear Batteries” Offer a New Approach to Carbon-Free Energy – David Chandler, MIT, June 2021

Jacopo Buongiorno and others say factory-built microreactors trucked to usage sites could be a safe, efficient option for decarbonizing electricity systems.

Systems Engineering Approaches to Address Cybersecurity Challenges of the Electric Grid – Kay Stefferud, Enernex

Like many systems of systems, the electric grid is facing challenges as devices and applications originally intended to be either standalone or locally networked are now being connected to the Internet.

What Is Containerization? – Tatum Hunter, Dec 2020

This cloud-native innovation is taking tech by storm.

What is a Zero Trust Architecture? – www.infradata.com

An architecture based on the principle that nothing can be trusted.

The Future of DevOps: 21 Predictions for 2021 – Robert L. Mitchell, TechBeacon

So what comes next as DevOps evolves?

Systems Engineering in the Hospital – Richard Quinn, TheHospitalist.org, May 2017

Systems-engineering expert James Benneyan, PhD, doesn’t want hospitalists to look at poorly working processes in their institutions and think, “I should try to tweak this process to improve it.”

3 Ways Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Will Help You – Michelle Boucher, Aug 2016

MBSE can help in three ways: address complexity, encourage reuse, and manage product lines.

How Systems Engineering Can Help Fix Health Care – Peter Pronovost, Alan Ravitz and Conrad Grant, Feb 2017

The way we build hospitals and clinics typically happens in a piecemeal, patchwork approach. We need a new approach.

Why it is a great time to be a Systems Engineer (and how to become one) – formalmind

The demand for Systems Engineers is going up steadily. And there are now systematic career paths for becoming a Systems Engineer.

There’s No Such Thing as DevSecOps – Offir Zigelman, June 2018

While DevOps workflows are heavily automated, security checks for application and infrastructure code are often manual.

IT Revolution: Industrial DevOps White Paper – Sept 2018

This paper provides an extended definition for DevOps as it applies to large, complex cyber-physical systems, and offer some recommendations on how to effectively leverage continuous delivery and DevOps these systems.

Creating Flow & Value in Product Development (7 minute Video) – John Cutler, 21 Feb 2020

Demonstrates how easily an engineer’s week, in a waterfall environment, can quickly turn into just 15% of valuable work!

SAFe at Travelport: The Power of Program Increment (PI) Planning (2 1/2 minute video) – scaledagileframework.com

This SAFe shop discusses how they successfully delivered a critical need to the business by removing items off their PI backlog. Transparency & WIP reduction lead to predictability and happy clients and PR.

Leadership on Submarine (~9 minute video)

How does one make the transition from a command and control leader to a lean/agile leader- and what benefits can you expect? Ask this submarine captain.

SERC TALKS: “Can DevOps Practices Be Applied to Cyber-Physical Systems Development?”

Dr. Steve Mayner, SAFe Fellow and Principal Consultant at Scaled Agile, shares a brief overview of the top ten DevOps practices that can be adapted to produce faster time-to-delivery and higher quality with cyber-physical systems.

Top 3 Challenges to Produce Level 5 Autonomous Vehicles

Will we eventually be able to buy fully autonomous vehicles (Level 5 autonomy)?

Making a Road Map to Success

Product development programs all start with great optimism regarding their potential to provide an excellent product to customers, along with excellent profits to the company. But research shows that a majority of product developments end in failure. The reasons for each failure are unique, but the overarching reason often can be described as the lack of systems engineering.

Preparing for the Transition to DevOps Engineering

But what really is DevOps? What skills are necessary to be a successful DevOps, site reliability, infrastructure or data platform engineer?

Systems Engineering Approach to Industrial Cybersecurity

Asset identification and management, patch management, threat assessment, and so on are all parts of a broader response that must address all phases of the life cycle.

How to Fail at MBSE

Things NOT to do when adopting MBSE.

Everything You Need to Know About Cloud Computing

What is cloud computing? Everything you need to know about the cloud, explained.

Model-Based Systems Engineering for Autonomous Vehicle Development

Autonomous vehicles will require a radical transformation of the tools and processes for overall vehicle development. The industry can address the challenges with an integrated vehicle architecture complemented by a model-based systems engineering approach.