J.D. Baker on Requirements Development with RML®

Abstract: A list of 2,563 “the system shall” statements must be one of the most boring things to read or write. It’s no wonder that engineers struggle with traditional requirements documents. Because reviewing long lists of “shall” statements would put anyone into a daze, analysts and others reading such documents have no way of knowing if they contain a complete, correct, and consistent set of requirements. Seilevel has developed The Requirements Modeling Language which you can use to visually specify requirements and make requirements deliverables easier to read and validate. This tutorial will be an interactive presentation of several requirements models with examples from real projects. Participants will learn how to create the models, and what to do with them once they are created. We will also describe how to select which models to use based on your project type and audience, and how to combine them to provide a full picture of the system.  The presentation will conclude with a mapping from the RML to UML/SysML.

About the Speaker: J.D. Baker was a Sr. Product Manager with Seilevel, Inc., a professional services company that creates software requirements for Fortune 1000 companies.  He is a Systems Engineer with interest and expertise in enterprise architecture, requirements development, software/system architecture and system design processes and methodologies that support Model-Based Systems Engineering. He is an elected member of the Object Management Group Architecture Board.  Within the OMG, he has participated in the development of UML, OMG SysML, the Healthcare specifications for the Identity Cross-Reference Service and the Retrieve, Locate, and Update Service, and the UML Profile for DoDAF and MODAF.

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Fee: $45 INCOSE Members / $55 Non-Members / $20 Students

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