AIAA San Diego will be hosting a special lecture with Mr. Dale D. Myers, AIAA Honorary Fellow and former Deputy Administrator of NASA during the Space Shuttle Challenger investigation and recovery.  Along with this lecture, AIAA SPACE 2013 will host the William H. Pickering Lecture on the Mars Curiosity Rover.  Both lectures are FREE and will be held on Wednesday, September 11, 2013 at the San Diego Convention Center (Ballroom 20AB).  More information can be found at the following PDF link: William H. Pickering Lecture.

4:30-5:30  Reception
5:30          Pickering Lecture and AIAA San Diego Lecture

About Mr. Dale D. Myers:    
Throughout the early development of the Space Shuttle, Mr. Myers was highly involved from a number of perspectives.  In 1963 he started working for Rockwell International, and the following year he began contract work for NASA’s space program. From 1964 he was the program manager of the Apollo program’s Command/Service Module Program.  He migrated to the Space Shuttle program in 1969.  In 1970 Myers was promoted to Associate Administrator for Manned Space Flight at NASA.  In this position he stayed at mission control when Apollo 13 experienced a crippling explosion and continued to guide the Space Shuttle program.  On 6 October 1986, eleven months after the Challenger disaster, Myers was selected as Deputy Administrator of NASA.

Myers was initially unwilling to accept the position, but after a telephone call from the “persuasive” president Ronald Reagan, Myers accepted the position, wherein he was tasked with helping the agency recoup and continue the Space Shuttle program.

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