Date: 19 December 2012 Time: 15:00 UTC/ 8am PST

Presenters: Gauthier Fanmuy and Juan Llorens

General Webinar Details: Webinar 48 (Requires INCOSE Connect Login)

Abstract: Despite having the right experts, the right technology, the right project organization, the right technical review, etc. some projects are still facing schedule overrun, variable quality products, or, in worst cases, program cancellation. This situation is connected to the increase of complexity, evolving customers’ demands, new solutions to develop in a shorter time, etc. In this context, knowledge management and reuse are key challenges for complex systems development and management. Successful experiences in big organizations the recent past years have proved that knowledge must be in the core of modern systems engineering in order to develop complex reliable quality systems. Most companies try to formalize knowledge in databases, documents… but the main difficulty is usually to know what is available, where and what can be reused in which context. Therefore, engineers demand “smarter” computer applications for better performing Systems Engineering. On our way towards constructing and managing better systems, we demand assistance of tools for helping us taking decisions. To manage this statement, Ontology Driven Systems Engineering can be the solution. To produce well written requirements is the starting point. The application of explicit knowledge representation structures (Ontology) to requirements quality assessment can provide solutions to well-known problems, like measuring CCC (Correctness, Consistency and Completeness). This webinar presents the fundaments and practical solutions to this problem.

Biography: Gauthier Fanmuy is a Systems Engineering Department Director at ADN, a service and consulting company, specialized in Requirements Engineering, Model Based Systems Engineering, Ontology Driven Systems Engineering and Products Lines Management for complex and critical Systems. He has worked in the past years in the Automotive Industry at PSA Peugeot Citroen as a System Engineering Expert, and in the Aeronautic Industry at Dassault Aviation as System Engineer and a Project Manager. He is Deputy Technical Director of AFIS (French Association on Systems Engineering) and AFIS representative at AFNOR. He is Associate Technical Director for Industry in INCOSE. He is co-founder of the SPECIEF association for the promotion of Requirements Engineering in French and is porting within this association the overall IREB certification scheme in French speaking regions.

Juan Llorens is Professor of the Informatics Department of the Carlos III University of Madrid – Spain, as well as R+D officer in The Reuse Company. He received his MS degree in Industrial Engineer from the ICAI Polytechnic School at the UPC University in Madrid in 1986, Spain, and his PhD in Industrial Engineering and robotics at the Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain in 1996. In 1987 he started his own company dealing with Artificial Intelligence applied to Database systems, named Knowledge Engineering SL (KE). Dr. Llorens worked as technical director in KE and as Marketing Director in Advanced Vision Technologies until 1992, when he joined the Carlos III University. Since 2003 he is Professor at the Carlos III University of Madrid. His main subject is Knowledge Reuse, which he teaches in the Informatics and Information Science graduate studies at the University. Dr. Llorens is the leader of the KR Group (Knowledge Reuse Group) within the University. In 1998 he was invited to the Högskolan på Åland (HÅ) (Åland, Finland). From 1998 to 2008 he split his educational activities between Madrid’s University and the HÅ, where he taught Object Oriented Software design. Since 2008, based on an agreement with his University, he shares his academic duties with a position of R+D officer in The Reuse Company (a brand of the spin-off organization named CISET) that commercializes systems engineering quality and reuse technology. Since 1999 he is also in the board of CISET. His current research involves the study of Knowledge technologies and System Engineering techniques integration towards Software and Information quality measurement and Reuse. He is member of INCOSE‘s Requirements Working Group.

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