Date:  15 May 2013 Time: 15:00 UTC/ 8am PST

Presenter(s): Stephen W. Stone General Webinar

Details: Webinar 52

Abstract: Interaction with National Ranges for integration & test activities require program personnel have a level of understanding of many diverse subject matter areas and a basic knowledge of range processes.  Many times program preparation does not anticipate the efforts that are necessary to assure program success.  This brief provides a basic overview of major areas and provides some examples of real issues experienced by the author.  This paper is meant to familiarize personnel that will interact with a National Range with some of the topics that should be considered to ensure successful program transition and operations at the range.

Biography: Stephen Stone is a Senior Manager, Systems Engineering with 32 years of experience in engineering design, development, manufacturing, and program management for a wide variety of systems for the US Government and commercial industries.  His career began as a college summer intern with IBM. After graduation, Mr. Stone joined Peabody Engineering performing design and manufacture of burner management systems for large industrial boiler systems.  Mr. Stone then joined Raytheon performing design and manufacturing support for the Patriot system, rising to positions of Senior Engineer, Section Manager and Project Manager, gaining fundamental experience in technologies, international customer support, design and manufacturing and a deep understanding of design, systems, management and leadership.  He successfully managed numerous development programs on Patriot and the transition to production.  Mr. Stone joined the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) program where he performed as Antenna Equipment Unit development proposal lead on the Engineering Manufacturing Development (EMD) proposal and subsequently as Integrated Product Team (IPT) lead.  Mr. Stone joined the R6s program where he achieved Expert Certification based on $300M of documented design for manufacturing and assembly savings.  Mr. Stone assumed the lead position for the Radar Integration, Verification and Test Integrated Product Team with responsibility for all Software, Systems, and Test development and execution on the EMD program.  In addition to IPT responsibilities, Mr. Stone was selected as the THAAD Radar Flight Test Director.  The Radar flight test program achieved a 100% success record and 2007 IDS Presidents Award recognition.  Mr. Stone was the Raytheon Radar lead for Burnt Frost where he was recognized by Raytheon and the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) for his participation in the destruction of the errant satellite (Raytheon 2008 EiET award, MDA 2010 Achievement Award).  Mr. Stone has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Clarkson University and is a graduate of the Program Management College and Defense Acquisition University Program Manager’s Course.  He has championed pursuit of new business opportunities (Superdome Obsolescence, Gallium Nitride Transition to Production).  He is currently assigned as White Sands Missile Range integration and test director for the Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor System.

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