Date: July 20, 2011 – 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Jeff Grady on From Where We Are to Where We Are Going in Systems Engineering

Abstract: Many have concluded that the profession of systems engineering is dull, overly focused on order and discipline, and devoid of enjoyable work. Some or all of these characteristics may have been valid criticisms in our past but those who practice this art are on the verge of a tremendous leap forward that guarantees a larger population of system engineers enjoying increasingly fascinating work. Before offering the story of the future, however, let us chart where we are now after many starts and stops to improve the process of systems development. Then we will consider the changes that will be taking place over the next exciting decade. [Presentation]

About the Speaker: After serving 10 years in the Marines in the aviation communications field, Mr. Jeff Grady accepted employment from Librascope as a customer training instructor on SUBROC and ASROC computing systems followed by employment by Ryan Aeronautical as a field engineer on unmanned photo reconnaissance, target, EW, SIGINT, and strike aircraft systems. Jeff worked as a system engineer on development of the Advanced Cruise Missile System at GD Convair and the Atlas Space Transport System at GD Space System as Systems Development Manager. Since retirement from GD Jeff has been the owner of JOG System Engineering providing system engineering training through many universities, short course companies, and directly for companies. Jeff is a charter member of the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE). He was made a Fellow in 2001, cited for “industrial education in the systems engineering field and for establishing the role of INCOSE as a teaching organization.” He was selected as a Founder in 2003, cited for “his seminal role in founding INCOSE, his service as its Secretary, his leadership in inaugurating and editing the Systems Engineering Journal, and his major contributions to systems engineering education.” Jeff is recognized as an Expert System Engineering Professional (ESEP) by INCOSE. Jeff holds an MS in Systems Management from USC with a certificate in Information Systems, a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from SDSU, and certificate in Systems Engineering from UCSD.

Location: Gen-Probe 10210 Genetic Center Drive, GCD1 Building – San Diego, CA 92121

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