Treating an Organization as a System – Webcast (Wednesday, 29 April, 2020)

Treating an Organization as a System

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Date: Wednesday, April 29th 2020, 6pm – 7:30pm (Pacific Time) (1 hour presentation, approx 30 min for Q&A)

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Treating an Organization as a System

An organization, to some extent is a system like any other – inputs, processes, outputs and feedback loops. What makes a bit difficult to design and manage is its human nature, and its complex nature. To influence and change an organization, you need to view it from a multi-level perspective. Each level has its own dynamics, challenges, and interventions. In addition, you need to evaluate the severity of its problems and/or opportunities to pursue.

Oftentimes when management and consultants try to change organizations, much emphasis is put on the “cultural” elements – that is the norms, behaviors and dynamics of resistance to change. While critical to any change effort, one must also look at the other elements or systems that make organizations work, and sometimes not work. Otherwise, it would like building a car and only focusing on the tires.

Dr. Chaudron will summarize these concepts in his presentation and how to use them. He will also look forward to a lively Q&A.


David Chaudron

Dr. Chaudron has over 30 years experience and is managing partner of Organized Change Consultancy. National and international clients include those in manufacturing, banking, finance, petrochemicals, electronics and aerospace in the United States, France, Germany, Portugal, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. He has spoken at numerous national and local conferences and been a major speaker at internationally broadcast teleconferences to over 35,000 people on organizational change, TQM and Re-engineering, systems thinking and strategic planning. He holds doctorate and masters degrees in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and is the author of numerous articles and three books.

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