October 5, 2023

STEM Requests 2023-2024

Hello to San Diego County Teachers and Administrators;

It’s that time!   We like to offer up the San Diego INCOSE STEM Grant Request For Proposals (RFP) for 2023-2024 school year.


The International Council on System Engineering (INCOSE), San Diego Chapter and Foundation, is again requesting proposals from San Diego County STEM teachers, grades 4-12, for grants ranging from $400 – $1100. During the past  years the INCOSE Foundation has awarded grants to local teachers for in-class, after-school STEM programs. The grant proposal instructions and proposal form is attached to this email. The proposal is approximately two pages and requires a description of how the money will be used. An added addition this year- is a Systems Requirement  and a system requirement elicitation.   We have a seperate sheet that explains what they are.   Please let me know if you have any questions on this addition.   See the documents below for all of the details. The proposals are due 10 Nov 2023.


We at INCOSE are thankful for all of the great work being done by our excellent STEM teachers in San Diego County, and we wish to support your efforts in this small way. The funds for these grants come from local corporations and individuals who believe that STEM teachers can use a little help.


We encourage all teachers and administrators to help further distribute this call for proposals to as many teachers as possible. We look forward to receiving many excellent proposals that will truly help our children learn science and math and be motivated to become engineers and scientists.


We thank you for your support. For questions email  Evelyn Encarnacion (evelynwfan@gmail.com).



Please feel free to download the documents below: