September 2, 2017

The Jeff Grady Award

Jeff Grady Outstanding Service Award
for the San Diego Chapter of INCOSE

The Jeff Grady Outstanding Service Award honors the long standing and committed service of a San Diego Chapter member. Like the awards namesake, Jeff Grady, the award is only given to those who have demonstrated consistent, long-term excellent service to the Chapter either by serving in numerous Chapter service positions, such as a Board member, or by continually supporting the Chapter through technical presentations, tutorials, and seminars, and by furthering INCOSE goals through system engineering technical activities in our community. This award is given in memory of Jeff Grady, an original founder of INCOSE, a member of the San Diego Chapter for over 20 years, a leader in furthering the discipline of systems engineering, and a frequent teacher and mentor to many in the San Diego Chapter and community. The San Diego Chapter was proud to give this award and honor first to Jeff Grady in 2016.

[Jeff Grady’s Biography]

Criteria for Award:

  • Member of San Diego Chapter of INCOSE for at least 8 years.
  • Board of Director position or other significant Chapter service position for at least 5 years; or, technical leader for Chapter giving meeting and conference presentations, teaching tutorials, and teaching and mentoring Chapter members including such actions as writing papers or books on systems engineering over the course of membership in the Chapter.
  • Demonstrating leadership in the Chapter and cooperation and team work in support of the Chapter.
  • A passion to further the discipline of systems engineering in our San Diego community and in furthering the goals of INCOSE International.

Nomination and Approval of Award:

  • Any San Diego Chapter member in good standing may nominate another active Chapter member for this award. The nomination must be in writing and include: name of the nominee, name of nominator, date, brief overview of nomination, justification for the award in accordance with the award criteria and other pertinent information, and a brief conclusion.
  • The nomination should be submitted to the current San Diego INCOSE President who will forward it to all board members. All nominations shall be considered by the Board within 3 months of receiving the nomination.
  • The Board of Directors of the San Diego Chapter must approve the nomination and award by at least a ¾ approval vote of the entire Board (less the nominee if on the Board).
  • There shall be only one award given in each calendar year. An award does not have to be given in every year.

Download this Jeff Grady Award Notice (PDF file)

History of this Award
This award was started in 2017 in memory of Jeff Grady.