Theme: The Depth & Breadth of Systems Engineering

Since the NDIA SE Conference has moved to Arlington, VA for 2013, this is the ONLY Systems Engineering professional symposium in San Diego this year; so don’t miss attending this day of stimulating thought and discussion with fellow professional systems engineers and interested parties!

The symposium is centered on the increasingly crucial role of systems  engineering in fields such as Security, Aerospace, Biotech/Medical Delivery and more.  Presentation abstracts continue to be received.  We are also planning a Career Transition support venue, plus Educational/Student-oriented topics. All of the above industries and needs are strongly represented in San Diego, and combined, will play a major role in our future. All interested parties are welcome.

Presentations from this Event:

History of System Engineering by Jim Gottfried

History of INCOSE by Jeff Grady

Pitting Systems Engineers against the US Health Care Cost Problem by John Wood

Lawmaking: A New Challenge for Systems Engineering by David Schrunk

Finding my Next SE Job by Dick Fitzer

Current UAS Airspace Access and Issues by Carl Mikeman

An SE View of a Kalman Filter by Malcolm Currie

What “REALLY” Matters in Cyber? by Mike Davis

Application of Business Systems Architectures to DoD Engineering Programs by John Sahlin

Leveraging the Convergence of Science and Technology to Eliminate Insider Threats by Darin Andersen

Common SysML Conceptual Stumbling Blocks by Rick Steiner

Tailoring Systems Engineering Processes for a Diverse Acquisition Portfolio by Matthew Graviss

Using Executable Visual Modeling in a Practical Application of Integrating Two Systems by Malcolm Currie

An Application of Agile Principles to the Systems Engineering Process by Zain Malik

Systems Engineering Methodology Applied to the Sustainment of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline by Claudia Rose and Josette Rice


Registration Fees Online (PayPal, accepts credit cards) or On-Site (On-Site by check or cash only)

INCOSE Member $40 ($50 if registered after 5PM on 10/28)

Non-member $50 ($65 if registered after 5PM on 10/28)

Student $25 ($35 if registered after 5PM on 10/28)

Membership: $20 of any non-member fee can be applied toward INCOSE membership for those who join at this conference. Speakers and Panelists admitted free. On-site registration by cash or check only, no credit cards please! If registering on-site.

Refreshments: A continental breakfast as well as a lunch of sandwiches and drinks will be provided, and are included in the registration fee.  Please state vegetarian preferences with your registration.


Location:  National University La Jolla Torrey Pines Campus

11255 North Torrey Pines Road La Jolla, CA 92121

Room 123

Attendee Picture:

18th Annual Mini-Conference Attendees

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