Gavin Arthurs on A Model Based System Engineering Environment

Abstract: Interest in using Model-Based System Engineering/Design (MBSE/D) has been steadily increasing in the system engineering community, especially in the Aerospace and Defense domains. The increased use of software as a main component in these systems has increased the level of interactive complexity and coupling to the point that many traditional system engineering techniques are inadequate. These complexities, inherent in many of today’s new systems (especially when coupled with the pressures of tight schedules), have spurred interest in technologies that can help manage these concerns. MBSE is a technology that has been developed to do this.

This course will provide the student with an introduction to an MBSE development environment. The course will explore the essential elements that comprise an MBSE environment and their importance, as well as how they relate to and influence each other. Anyone interested in successfully implementing an MBSE environment should consider these elements together and understand the tradeoffs made around each. The course will use the market-leading Telelogic Rhapsody modeling tool and the Harmony/SE process to facilitate all the hands-on exercises.

About the Presenter: Gavin Arthurs is a Senior Application Engineer for Telelogic, an IBM Company. He has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Gavin has taught and consulted on numerous systems and embedded software projects for customers in both the aerospace and industrial industries. Previously, Gavin worked in industry in various technical and management positions.

Section: 066297

Cost: $80 (donuts, coffee, and lunch will be provided)

Location: Room 111, UCSD Extension – Sorrento Mesa Center, 6925 Lusk Blvd, San Diego CA 92121

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