Ed Andrews on Intro to Systems Thinking

Abstract: Do you have the tools you need to deal with complex systems in today’s environment?

System thinking is a discipline for seeing “the big picture” and identifying key systemic relationships that influence system behavior. In a very practical way, this course covers the principles and tools of systems thinking to facilitate the understanding of dynamics of system ranging from software-driven systems to endangered ecosystems.

Course Topics include:

  • Complex System Characteristics
  • What is a Dynamic System
  • Modes of Dynamic Behavior
  • Mental Models
  • Causal Loop Diagrams
  • Endogenous and Exogenous Variables
  • How Structure Influences Behavior

What you learn in this tutorial will enhance your learning and participation in the INCOSE Mini-conference held on Saturday, October 31.

Note: The format of this course is highly interactive. Come prepared to share your experiences.

Cost: $95. Lunch included

Location: Room TBD, UCSD Extension Complex, 6925 Lusk Blvd. San Diego, CA 92121

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