Tony Genna on Modeling & Simulation Education Series

Abstract: Under the direction of the Deputy Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Technology, this program has been developed specifically for systems and software engineers related to the development, test and evaluation of M&S products.

In coordination with Naval Post Graduate School (NPS) and the Defense Acquisition University (DAU), UC San Diego has developed two core courses as part of the Modeling and Simulation educational series.

The INCOSE Tutorial will address two specific areas related to the development of M&S products:

  1. Strategy and Planning
  2. Risk and Risk Mitigation

These two areas are rarely, if ever, applied to the development of M&S products. This tutorial will address, in detail, the planning and validation process related to system engineering and software development.

Two case studies will also be included in this tutorial that illustrate the benefits of modeling and simulation, such as performance improvement and cost reduction.

  1. The first case study illustrates how Boeing Aircraft used CAD/CAM products to improve aircraft production.
  2. The second case study illustrates how finite element models can be used to validate ship shock testing without the need for expensive at-sea explosive testing.

These case studies are used to show how strategy, planning, risk and risk mitigation processes are used by the systems engineering, test and evaluation, and software development teams.

About the Speaker:

Tony Genna has 30+ years in systems engineering, mostly in the development of mathematical and computer based simulation modules. As a senior systems engineer, product manager, and senior scientist, Mr. Genna has prepared and presented system design, performance and product review to the Navy, commercial, and foreign based customers.

Section ID: 070041

Cost: $95

Location: Room 107, UCSD Extension – Sorrento Mesa Center, 6925 Lusk Blvd., San Diego, CA 92121

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