Jeff O. Grady on A Simple Prescription for Requirements Success

Abstract: Many engineering department managers will tell you that the task that they have the most difficulty with on a new program is doing the requirements work resulting in a set of good specifications that can be used effectively as a basis for the design and subsequent verification work. Unfortunately, this has been true for a very long time.

Specification development can be accomplished to good effect in a timely and affordable fashion if the program applies a series of fundamentally sound practices.

This tutorial discusses those fundamentals that begin with the use of a set of specification templates providing a standard structure and content. These templates should be coordinated with specific functional departments that will provide programs with people skilled in the identification and definition of requirements in the assigned categories and with specific models and methods the assigned people will employ in doing so.

The enterprise and its programs should employ structured analysis methods and have a way to capture and control the configuration of the modeling work products from which the requirements flowing into the specifications are derived. Three collections of models will be discussed each one of which is comprehensive.


  1. Introduction
  2. Program preparation
  3. Traditional structured analysis as a Universal Architecture Description Framework (UADF)
  4. TSA as a UADF (Continued)
  5. RAS-Complete to collect the modeling results
  6. MSA and PSARE teamed up as a UADF
  7. UML teamed up with SysML as a UADF
  8. Specification publishing

About the Speaker:

Jeff O Grady: BS in Mathematics from San Diego State University, MS in Systems Management from University of Southern California with a certificate in Information Systems, and a Systems Engineering Certificate from University of California San Diego. Jeff has lectured in systems engineering programs at or for University of California San Diego, Indiana-Purdue University, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, University of Alabama at Huntsville, Old Dominion University, University of California Riverside, University of California Berkeley, and University of California Irvine as well as internationally on-site at companies. He is a member of the UCSD System Engineering Advisory Board.

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