Jeff Grady on Universal Architecture Description Framework
Abstract: The history of system and software engineering modeling – for the purpose of understanding problem space and communicating the results of an analysis of problem space in the form of specifications – is about to come full circle. Starting as a fairly universal application of flow charts, it is now approaching a merger of sets of existing models that are collectively comprehensive. However, there do seem to be pieces missing to completely cover the problem and solution spaces associated with all possible systems.

This seminar will offer three views of a universal modeling capability to support the requirements analysis work for any system.

The course is intended for system and software engineers.


  • Introduction
  • Traditional structured analysis overview
  • MSA/PSARE modeling overview and UADF construct
  • UML/SysML modeling overview and UADF construct
  • The future

About the Speaker: Jeffrey O. Grady, M.S., ESEP, is the President of JOG System Engineering, a consulting and teaching company. He was formerly the manager of systems development at GD Space Systems. He is the author of nine books in the systems engineering field. Jeff is an INCOSE Fellow and Founder.

Section ID: 081133

Cost: $45

Location: Room 107 UC San Diego Extension – Sorrento Mesa Center 6925 Lusk Blvd San Diego, CA 92121

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