(Hosted by the SD IEEE Cyber Security SIG, in conjunction with Cyber Hive and SOeC ‐ with alliances / partnerships from our SD / local security groups: ISC2, ISSA, others….)

THIS is the SD cyber event you can’t afford to miss – solutions focused, local and minimal cost too!!! Besides over a dozen significant security products you can use (need), we have several germane topics from wellknown cyber‐savvy folks. For example, we have a key note speaker on the state of congressional cyber laws (or not), a local cyber lawyer on cyber law/risks, and a couple more ‐ see below details. BUT this venue is mostly about folks / companies / start‐ups ‐ all with novel / value added cyber capabilities to showcase!!!

Companies with cyber security innovative capabilities, new / disruptive ways to mitigate security threats and vulnerabilities, and capabilities that get beyond the usual threat hype and cyber complexity messages. AND for all attendees you really need this information, new capabilities and potential business connections … and this qualifies for ‘security related’ CEUs too!!!

Benefits: great visibility to the SD business environment, find a collaborative partner or two, investors looking for partners / products, mutual networking / teaming opportunities with other like‐minded folks. Earn multiple security CEUs (for CISSP, et al…)(note ‐ these security CEUs are not equivalent to IEEE CEUs)… as well as have a great time, make new contacts, and maybe learn a few things too…;‐))

Overall venue details are (added specifics listed below):

Location and cost: Located at Coleman University on Balboa Ave (92123). Attendee cost ($50) covers the allday venue (8am ‐ 5 pm, Friday, 28 March), refreshments and lunch. Networking social will follow as well.

Agenda: Topics as listed below ‐ all focused on OUR collective GOAL = focused on actual, innovative cyber solutions, doing constructive business risk reduction activities as well as enhancing cyber opportunities ‐ versus continuing to admire the cyber problem / threats….;‐((

The registration site is listed below. Please contact Mike Davis for more info.

*** Registration site:

Topics / Speakers:

Key Note: “Developments in US cybersecurity policy – what can affect you” ‐ Tom Tierney

Tom Tierney is the Vice‐President for Government Relations in the IEEE‐USA and is also currently the chairman of Department of Commerce’s Emerging Technologies and Research Advisory Committee. For his “day job,” Tom is a scientist and senior project leader at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) where he engages in a diverse technical portfolio including evaluation of emerging technologies, advanced detection and diagnostic equipment for counterterrorism, counter nuclear threats, and high energy density physics.

“The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Cyber Law” ‐ Justine Phillips – Cyber Attorney at Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP. ( )

The risk of cyber‐liability continues to increase dramatically. Now, more than ever, organizations face new and critically important questions about potential legal liability, compliance with regulations governing their data, defending themselves against attacks, and how to mitigate their risk and shift liability. Justine will identify the universe of cyber‐law and how to reduce risk within that space

“What REALLY matters in cyber security overview” ‐ Mike Davis – Cyber Consultant and“FBI Forensics – How business gets hacked – really! “ – Tim Hamon – Senior FBI Forensics investigator, SD Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory (RCFL) . ( )

“Power industry cyber needs – from an IOU perspective” ‐ Doug Rhoades ‐ Chief Engineer for Cybersecurity at Southern California Edison and brings a perspective from a National Critical Infrastructure owner. Doug will address issues that Edison is facing and where innovation can help. ( )

“’ITS’ and Intelligent vehicle technologies” – Hiro Onishi ‐ Alpine Electronics Research of America, Inc., Cyber security in automotive electronics poses greater challenges than in ordinary computers, because of “Limited connectivity”, “Low computational performance”, “Unclear threat models” and “Hazards to drivers or passengers’ safety”. To these challenges, we apply the concept of ISO‐26262, “Functional Safety” to vehicle cyber security.

To wrap up the day we offer a What Really Matters in Cyber Panel ‐ we’ll cover what works, capabilities still needed, etc – AND the most interesting company / product award, along with a recap assessment of novel ideas, methods, presented. (members: Milton Lohr (Prior Board Director, Ceradyne Inc & previous DepUndSecDef Acquisition) , Gary Hayslip (SD City CISO) , Araceli Gomes  Verizon Cyber Advocate), Jeff Debrosse (Websense R&D director) and Mike Davis (Moderator ‐ Cyber Security consultant))

“AND” of course many innovative / disruptive cyber products ‐ over a dozen cool capabilities / companies!!!

LaVoult ‐ Secure Messaging – Keeping your data private

Cyrpteron – Get serious on cloud & data security

Cyber Barrier – When just encryption is not enough

Objectsecurity ‐ OpenPMF™ Model‐Driven Security Policy Automation

Promia – RAVEN – Future proof – Automating Cyber Security

RamLabs ‐ RASAR ‐ Binary Vulnerability Detection & Trusted Computing Sentinel

CybRisk ‐ Risk management for IOT

PalmChip ‐ Mobile security matters ‐ Appriva Privacy Maximizer

Cyberflowanalytics ‐ Next Generation Behavioral Analytics for Cyber Security

Centripetalnetworks ‐ See more, Find More, Stop More. Scaled Enforcement

iNetwork – CLaaS – A new environment for Security Testing and Product Development

Core Security ‐ Predictive Security Intelligence

AND a few more….

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