Date: Wednesday 16 April 2014, 8:00am PST

Topic: Propose, Plan and Innovate – How to Unlock The Full Value of Your Engineering Skill Set

Presenter: Randall C. Iliff

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Engineering is a demanding profession. It requires uncommon intellect, perseverance, and a demonstrated tolerance for complexity simply to earn a degree. With experience comes a rich body of knowledge and a unique understanding of how things really work. No doubt you realize you have a valuable skill set, but you may not realize just how valuable those skills really are.

Nearly everything you know as an engineer has analogs in other fields. Those analogs enable you to translate concepts from one domain to another and are the secret to unlocking a wealth of untapped potential. Once you discover how to copy and paste understanding into new areas, you become able to effectively multiply your engineering value instead of merely adding to it.

Join us for an eye-opening discussion of how easily your engineering skills can help you win proposals, make you a great project planner, and innovate more effectively than you ever thought possible. Hear why we believe engineers are not just well positioned to participate, but actually lead these adjacent areas to unprecedented levels of performance. It’s time to unleash the engineers!

Speaker Bio:

Mr. Iliff has over 30 years experience with developmental projects ranging from a few thousand to over a billion dollars, and has participated in all phases of project execution from proposal to close out. He is a seasoned large-project PM, and has managed a wide variety of developmental efforts in aerospace and purely commercial settings. That experience, as well as individual research, has resulted in unique insight on how to effectively run commercial sector developmental projects. Mr. Iliff is currently Vice President at bb7, and Director of Strategy, Methods and Learning.

He holds a BS in Engineering / Industrial Design from Michigan State University, an MS in Systems Management, Research and Development from the University of Southern California, and received Honorary Fellow appointment at the University of Wisconsin when he served as the Systems Engineering Manager for the ICECUBE project. Mr. Iliff is a charter member of the International Council On Systems Engineering (INCOSE), founder / prior Chairman of the INCOSE Commercial Practices Working Group, and a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and IEEE.

A frequent speaker, Mr. Iliff has developed and conducted thousands of hours of training covering all aspects of product development, particularly systems engineering and project management excellence. He is the developer, subject matter expert and master instructor for several PMI accredited courses conducted by Motorola. He has spoken before groups as large as 1,200 people and is a frequent presenter at conferences and professional meetings.

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