Systems Engineering Professional (SEP) Certification – Virtual Cohort

The Systems Engineering Professional (SEP) Certification is a formal process whereby a community of knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled representatives of INCOSE, provides confirmation of an individual’s competency (demonstrated knowledge, education, and experience) in Systems Engineering profession.  The INCOSE Certification Program has an entry level “Associate Systems Engineering Professional” (ASEP) for junior or recently graduated engineers who do not yet have the requisite years of SE experience. The ASEP requires and uses the same exam as CSEP. Upon achieving at least five years of SE experience the ASEP can transition to CSEP. In 2010, INCOSE introduced the “Expert Systems Engineering Professional” (ESEP) designation for senior systems engineers with at least 25 years of recognized systems engineering experience (20 years if already a CSEP) and demonstrated systems engineering accomplishments.

Our San Diego INCOSE Chapter is sponsoring a 3-month training cohort for those interested in acquiring their INCOSE SEP Certification (ASEP, CSEP, ESEP).  During the 3 months, a weekly conference telecon will be conducted during lunch hour.  The sessions will entail one-hour student led review of the SE Handbook chapters and application preparation.  The main emphasis will be to review the entire SE Handbook which provides the material necessary to take the SEP Exam.  The end goal is to prepare the students to take and pass the certification exam for the first time!

As an added bonus, the San Diego Chapter is providing for free a paper-based SEP exam during the November mini-conference!  The cohort is expected to finish just prior to this test event so the material is fresh to the student.

IMPORTANT: Considering past experiences with cohorts, we are seeking 15-25+ students to make this successful.  If your serious about your SE career then this has proven to be one of the best methods to keep students focused, dedicated, and engaged.  So don’t delay to RSVP!

Timeframe: The proposed time to start is July 17th and finish by late-October.
Registration Deadline: June 28th

After the registration deadline, we’ll send out an email to schedule the 1st meeting (kick-off) and determine the best day and time to meet on a weekly basis.

Presentation material will be distributed to you before the virtual class session.

Please register HERE

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