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Wednesday March 20, 2024 5:45 PM PDT to 7:00 PM PDT

(This presentation is open to all, including non-INCOSE members)

Please join us on Wednesday, 20 March 2024, for a SEMI-VIRTUAL event by Ms. Caitlyn Singam on INCOSE Systems Engineering 2035. NOTE – This event will be remotely presented, but the chapter will also host a GROUP watch meeting at Filippi’s restaurant in Kearny Mesa (San Diego).

The purpose of INCOSE’s Systems Engineering Vision 2035 is to inspire and guide the strategic direction of systems engineering across diverse stakeholder communities. It describes emerging trends and evolving strategic priorities in SE.   Please attend and learn more about INCOSE Systems Engineering 2035!

Primary Information:

Date:   Wednesday, 20 March 2024, from 5:45-7pm PST (presentation begins at 6pm).
Location:   Filippi’s Restaurant, 5353 Kearny Villa Rd, San Diego, CA 92123 (Google Maps)
Cost:   Free! There is an optional Italian food buffet (pizza, paste, salads, soft drinks, etc.) offered at $5 for INCOSE members and students, $15 non-members.
Webcast:   This presentation will be webcast to remote audiences using Zoom:


Telephone: 669-444-9171
Meeting ID: 886 9661 9637



This presentation will provide an overview of the future of systems engineering through the lens of INCOSE’s Vision 2035, with an eye towards how emerging trends and evolving strategic priorities in systems engineering competencies will potentially affect the landscape of the systems engineering community in the years to come. Drawing on the speaker’s work as the lead for INCOSE’s SySTEAM Initiative and previously published data-driven analyses of the systems engineering professional development and leadership pipeline, this presentation strives to provide an enlightening and enlivening examination of the direction of systems engineering as a field as well how the current generation of systems engineering practitioners can help make Vision 2035 a reality. Individuals interested in getting involved in the world of systems engineering competency development, striving to keep au courant about the latest trends in systems engineering, or wishing to be enlightened about Vision 2035 through an overview peppered with an ample amount of vision-related puns are encouraged to attend.

Presenter: Caitlyn Singam, M.Sc.

Ms. Caitlyn A. K. Singam, M.Sc., is an INCOSE-accredited systems engineer and the lead for the INCOSE SySTEAM Initiative, an international group of volunteers working to promote and standardize the integration of systems competencies into STEM and STEAM curricula. In addition to her volunteer work with INCOSE, Caitlyn is a researcher who has been invited to present her work to local, national, and international audiences, including ranking officials at NASA headquarters and the headquarters of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Her research focuses on designing and implementing original concepts for biological and aerospace systems, including creating a signal-routing algorithm that challenged and demonstrated superior performance to NASA’s “gold standard” bundle protocol approach for disruption-prone satellite networks in deep space (for which she won a “Best Paper” award at the 16th International Conference on Space Operations) as well as developing scientific and legal critiques of international planetary protection strategy and policy, which she was invited to present and discuss with an audience of international space agency department heads and senior academics at the 2022 International Astronautical Congress in Paris, France. With a goal of making science and engineering more accessible and welcoming to all, Caitlyn also volunteers her time advocating for greater access to advanced educational programs in her home state of Maryland and improvements in leadership developments pathways across the global systems engineering community.


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Posted by Greg Bulla on February 26, 2024

Wednesday March 27, 2024 7:00 PM PDT

(This cohort is open to all, including non-INCOSE members. Non-members will need to purchase their copy of the INCOSE Version 5.0 Handbook – see information below.)




The Los Angeles and San Diego chapters are once again hosting independent group study (‘Cohort’) sessions for the INCOSE Systems Engineering Professional (SEP) certification this Spring.

This registration page is for the Thursday evening cohort hosted by the Los Angeles chapter, and starts on Thursday, 18 April 2024.  This Cohort will meet between 7:30-9pm Pacific Time for 10 weeks.

This Cohort will be primarily hosted by the Los Angeles chapter of INCOSE.

Important Information:

  • The Cohort is 10 weeks long and meets once a week using Zoom. Expect each session to last at least 1.5 hours.
  • This Cohort is for the evening sessions, 7:30-9pm, Pacific Time, and starts on 18 April 2024, ending on 20 June 2024.
  • We may limit this class to 50 students. Please sign up immediately if you are interested, and only if you are serious about attending.  You should also be seriously considering taking the INCOSE SEP exam.
  • The San Diego chapter will also offer an evening Cohort on Friday mornings from 8-10am Pacific Time, if that better suits your schedule.  You may instead register for it here. Both Cohorts have the same schedule.
  • Cost: $100. However, 50% of the registration cost will be refunded to each student who fulfills their obligation to participate, including creating a slide deck and presenting to the Cohort. Everyone must present in order to receive a refund – no exceptions.  Depending on how many students sign up, this may be done as part of a small team.  The remaining 50% of the registration cost will be refunded to students who provide proof of taking the exam (pass or fail) by 31 Dec 2024.
  • We will use INCOSE’s Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) ratings to adjust the cost of the course for smaller economy countries. There will be a 25% discount on the cost for PPP2 students, and 50% discount for PPP3 students.  For example, since South Africa is rated at PPP3, it will cost South African students $50 vs $100 to register.  Please see each country’s PPP rating Here. Please CONTACT US if you have any questions: info@sdincose.org

Additional Information:

  • The Cohorts are mostly student-run training sessions. There will also be multiple Cohort team leaders (only 1 or 2 will lead each session) that will provide the introductions, schedule, and the Zoom sessions and resolve any roadblocks, but the students will present. Each student will be part of a small team and is expected to help present a section of the INCOSE Handbook section to the entire Cohort.
  • This Cohort will be based on the INCOSE Handbook Version 5. This handbook is the basis for the Version 5 SEP exam. Active INCOSE members may download it from the INCOSE store for free. Non-INCOSE members must purchase the handbook.
  • Everyone is highly encouraged to review each week’s material in advance to be prepared to follow the presentations and ask good questions.
  • You must have your own copy of the INCOSE Handbook V4.  Active members may download it from the INCOSE store for free.
  • Please read Ch 1 of the Handbook, SE Introduction, prior to the first day of class!  Also familiarize yourself with the multiple Terms and Definitions in Appendix C.


PLEASE CONTACT US at info@sdincose.org and/or  info@incose-la.org for more information.

About SEP Certification:

What is Systems Engineering Professional certification? Certification is a formal process whereby a community of knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled representatives of an organization such as INCOSE provides confirmation of an individual’s competency (demonstrated knowledge, education, and experience) in a specified profession. Certification differs from licensing in that licenses are permissions granted by a government entity for a person to practice within its regulatory boundaries. Certification also differs from a “certificate” that documents the successful completion of a training or education program. There are three types of INCOSE SEP certification: ASEP, CSEP, and ESEP. Please read more here.

What is the Systems Engineering Professional exam? The SEP test is a 2-hour exam designed to test your knowledge of INCOSE systems engineering practices and processes. Read more here.


What is a Cohort?

A Cohort are a mostly student-run training team which collectively prepares for a SEP exam.  Each of the students (also called cohorts) agrees to present on a particular date certain handbook material.  This may be individually or part of a small team (we expect each team to have 2-4 students).  Each team collectively creates and presents a slide to the Cohort via Zoom at the agreed-upon date.  To help organize and lead the Cohort, there will also be multiple Cohort team leaders (1 or 2 at each session) that provide introductions, the schedule, a file hosting website, and the Zoom sessions. They will also provide mentoring via email and resolve any roadblocks the class may encounter along the way. Each student will therefore be part of a small team and is obligated to help create and present a portion of the INCOSE Handbook to the entire Cohort.

Week by Week Schedule of Material (Tentative):

Session 1 — Welcome, Organization of the Cohort. Section assignments, plus Review of Chapter 1 Systems Engineering Introduction & Appendix D, N2 diagram (19 April)

Session 2 — Ch 2 System Life Cycle Concepts, Models, Processes – 2.1 Life cycle terms concepts through Supply Process (26 April)

Session 3 — Ch 2 System Life Cycle Concepts, Models, Processes – Section 2.3.3 Organizational Project Enabling Processes (3 May)

Session 4 — Ch 2 System Life Cycle Concepts, Models, Processes – Section 2.3.4 Technical Mgmt processes (10 May)

Session 5 — Ch 2 System Life Cycle Concepts, Models, Processes – Technical Processes I, through (17 May)

Session 6 — Ch 2 System Life Cycle Concepts, Models, Processes – Technical Processes II, – (24 May)

Session 7 — Ch 3 Life cycle analysis methods – 3.1 Quality characteristics and approaches (31 May)

Session 8 — Ch 3 Life cycle analysis methods – 3.2 SE analyses and methods through Ch 4 section 4.2.4 Product Line Engineering (7 June)

Session 9 — Ch 4 Tailoring and Application Considerations – section 4.3 through 4.4.10 Transportation Systems (14 June)

Session 10 — Ch 5 Systems Engineering in Practice, & Final discussion. (21 June).

Additional study sessions could also be held by groups of individual cohorts prior to taking the test.

What Students Will Need:

  • INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook: A Guide for System Life Cycle Processes and Activities, 5th Edition,

    (an electronic version of this is available free for all INCOSE members. Non-members must purchase the handbook. Visit the INCOSE store hereImportant – you must have Version 5)

  • The ability to log in and participate in the weekly Zoom sessions.  (Please ensure your computer and/or network does not block access to Zoom.)
  • A commitment to build a slide deck and to present the agreed-upon material to the Cohort (this might be part of a small team). Presenting will result in 50% refund of the cost of registration!
  • You should have interest and intent to take the INCOSE SEP exam, though this is not mandatory. Proof of you taking the exam by 31 Dec 2024 will result in 50% refund of the cost of registration!

Recommended Course Material:

Because Version 5 of the Handbook and exam are both new, links to external study materials will be added as soon we discover them. Thanks.


PLEASE CONTACT US at info@sdincose.org and/or  info@incose-la.org for more information.

Thank you.



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Posted by Greg Bulla on March 27, 2024

Thursday March 28, 2024 6:00 PM PDT to 8:00 PM PDT

Dear Members and Friends,

It’s time for a Social!  Please join us in person on THURSDAY, March 28th, 2024, from 6-8pm at the Dirty Birds Restaurant and Sports Bar in Liberty Station (San Diego) for a ‘Start of Spring’ celebration!

The chapter will provide up to $300 of food and soft drinks to mark the occasion (all alcoholic beverages must be separately purchased by attendees).  You do not have to be a member to join; please also bring a friend or co-worker who may also be interested in INCOSE!

Spring Social at the Dirty Birds in Liberty Station!

(This event is open to all, including non-INCOSE members)


Main Meeting Info:

Date:   Thursday, 28 March 2024, from 6-8 pm Pacific Time
Location:   Dirty Birds Restaurant, 2970 Truxtun Rd #9, San Diego, CA 92106 (Google Maps)
Cost:   Free, up to $300 !

NOTE – Dirty Birds is located at the far east end of Liberty Station near Barnett Ave.  Please see Google Maps for directions.


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Posted by Greg Bulla on February 20, 2024


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